Write a message or a letter to a person you love and let it be delivered by the hands of a caring stranger: me.
I deliver your words to the beloved person during a video conversation and, with their permission, record their reactions and deliver them back to you.

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Why do I do it?

These days, because of Covid-19, so many of us are video-chatting every single day and several times a day with the people we love, but often there are things we would love to say to one another and still don’t.

We justify our behavior saying to ourselves: “…oh, but they know what I think about them… they don’t actually need to hear me say it.”
I do the same with my dear ones. Even when I’ve been practicing saying loving words to thousands of people every day for many years now.
Truth is, it is easier to share those words with somebody we have not being knowing for so many years. 

If there are loving words you don’t dare say or which you feel like delivering in a peculiar loving way, I’ll be happy to be the means for those words to be delivered.

Why would you try it?

There might be many whys, here are some:

“Daily words of Love”
Maybe there is a person you love and whom you love to say loving words to every single day, and maybe you wish to find a new sweet way to do it today: through the voice of a caring stranger.

“The words you’ve not been saying”
Maybe there is a person, to whom you have wanted to say some special words for quite a time now, but you just don’t feel like doing it directly nor do you feel like asking a common friend to do it. A caring stranger can carry those words which come from your heart and they don’t need to know more than that.

“The meaning beyond the words”
Maybe that person is your mother, your father, them both, your sister, your brother, your daughter, your son, or another family member. You noticed how a life spent together made meaningful thoughts you have about one another into repetitive words, sentences, formulas. You still mean all that those words don’t say, but for some reason saying it would feel awkward, out of place, out of habit. I have learned that sometimes it needs to get even more awkward to get ‘normal’ again. And a caring stranger saying those words for you might be just awkward enough. =)

“Your words from another voice”
Maybe there is a person you know they feel very lonely, even more so now during quarantine. You have been supporting them as much as you can, and you wish others would join you.
You wish that person to feel that the world is full of loving people, and maybe a caring stranger joining your efforts would make that person feel it.

“Words beyond physical distancing”
Maybe yours is one of those thousands of families who have been physically divided by Covid-19. Either because one or more of your family members work or study in another city, state or country, or because one of you is fighting the hardest battle against the virus in a hospital and the rest of the family can only be seen through a glass or a screen. Days go by, overwhelming with uncertainty but filled with hope. Maybe you talk to them every day, and you wish to give them an unusual present: your loving words delivered by a caring stranger who has 12 years experience in being to the bedside of thousands of people to bring confort, care, human presence, and why not also smiles and laughter.

I can think of many reasons why you would want to try to say it with a clown.

And whichever your reason is, I embrace it and put myself wholeheartedly into serving it.

it is free,
if you can’t afford to donate.

You don’t have to pay in advance. I’ll receive your words and I’ll deliver them with love and care. And if you afterwards think the consequences of my intervention were desirable you are welcome to donate to support me.


As for many other people during the Covid-19 outbreak, my regular job has been substantially affected. 

The humanitarian clowning programs I organize with Patch Adams, MD and the School for Designing a Society require staff members and participants to travel, and it is still uncertain when that will be possible again.

Say it to a clown is the way I found to continue doing what I learned I’m best at: caring for people.

Depending on what you can afford, this is how you can make a difference: 

€1 to €45: “Thank you, Dario!”

€50 to €75: “Our conversation helped me, and I wish to donate for the time you dedicated to me.”

€80 to €140: “I believe another person who can’t afford donating should have the opportunity to talk with you. I’ll donate it forward to them!”

€150 and more: “I wish to contribute so that you can continue doing the work you are doing!”

By clicking on the Donate button below, you’ll be able to donate via PayPal or credit/debit card, and also to make a recurring donation.

You decide the amount, I say thank you.